LifeLine Partners

“We are fully self-supporting when we all take ownership of our common welfare, secure in the knowledge that even if certain members leave, the group will be strong enough to continue to carry its message.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 89

We can and must do more to reach suffering sex addicts!

How Will the Funds be Used?

  1. To expand Public Information (outreach) projects so more groups can attend professional conferences, send mailings, and provide information via the internet, etc.
  2. To implement SAA Connect — a new website that will help share recovery resources across the fellowship.
  3. To upgrade the ISO office technology needed to serve a growing fellowship

We can and must do more to reach suffering sex addicts!

How to Participate: Enroll as a new LifeLine Partner or increase your current LifeLine.

To join LifeLine Partners or increase a current LifeLine partnership:

  1. You can now donate by text or on the web.
  2. A Monthly LifeLine Donation as an Individual

    A Monthly LifeLine Donation as a Group

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  3. Or call us at 800-477-8191 and sign up over the phone

The ISO thanks you for your support!

As a thank you for your support with a LifeLine, the Seventh Tradition Committee will provide you with a token of our appreciation with a LineLine Partner hat.

LifeLine Partner Hats

Current LifeLine Partners can get these hats by emailing