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“The Seventh Tradition ensures that other influences or organizations, however well-meaning, never interfere with our primary purpose. By declining outside contributions, we are free to focus on carrying the SAA message, and that message only.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 87

Our Seventh Tradition holds that SAA ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.
Please do not send a contribution unless you are a member.

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General Information.

Established on the basis of the Traditions of SAA and supported predominantly by Seventh Tradition contributions, the ISO of SAA provides information, resources, and other services for the SAA Fellowship. It also serves as a point of first contact and referral for sex addicts, concerned family members, and friends. As the demand for services increases, the need for support of the ISO is greater than ever.

Please consider making a one-time contribution. Or sign up to be a Lifeline Partner to provide ongoing support for this vital work.

If you have received the gift of recovery, you can support the ISO as part of your Twelfth Step work - a tangible way you can help carry the message to other sex addicts who seek recovery.

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