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Freedom from Addiction Week - 2013

5th Annual

“Our message is simple and profound: that recovery from sex addiction is possible through working the Twelve Steps of SAA, and that following this program results in a spiritual awakening.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, Second Edition, p. 59

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We ask that you consider contributing as individuals, or by passing the Seventh Tradition basket a second time at your meeting during one week in July to collect additional funds for the ISO.

This is one of two special Seventh Tradition appeals we hold each year to help underwrite the important outreach activities that enable the ISO to support you, as you seek to reach out to the addict who still suffers.

If you are passing the basket a second time in your group, perhaps you could read this short statement, or make a similar announcement:

“I encourage you to look at giving as an opportunity to practice Step Twelve. Reaching out to help others in need is an age old spiritual practice. It changes us. In the very act of reaching out, we receive healing. There's a blessing to be had. And you will be a blessing to the addict who still suffers.”

Alternatively donate by check, payable to "ISO."
Mark it "Freedom Week" , include the name of your group (if any), and mail it to:

PO Box 70949
Houston, TX 77270

Appeal from the Director

Dear Members of the SAA Fellowship,

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 1st International Conference on sex addiction. I was able to hear from helping professionals from multiple countries talk about how their country’s social medicine all but excludes sexual addiction as a real disease. Our Twelve Step fellowship is many times the only resource available for the suffering sex addict.

Getting our message of experience, strength and hope into other countries and helping to support the growth of Twelve Step meetings in other countries is one of ISO’s highest priorities. One of the most effective ways to support the growth of Twelve Step meetings in a different country is to offer our literature in their native language. Translations are expensive but we are making progress in setting up a process of having our literature translated, printed and distributed in the country of origin. I estimate this will reduce our cost by around forty to fifty percent. We need support from our members and groups to start the process.

We have members who have requested our literature be translated from multiple countries including; Slovenia, Russia, South Korea, Israel, Canada (French), Sweden and Denmark. We have meetings in over 25 countries that could benefit from having our literature in their language.

We know sexual addiction has destroyed lives, relationships, marriages and families. Sexual addiction takes away many of those things that are priceless; intimacy, spirituality, relationships. Sexual addiction kept us living in a dark place and destroyed our dreams. The ISO needs your support so everyone around the globe who is suffering from sexual addiction can hear our message of experience, strength hope in many, many different languages.

I believe in the 12 Steps. I know it is possible to live your life free of sexual addiction. If you had the chance to give someone the gift of freedom from sexual addiction, would you? For many of us who are in recovery and living a life free from sexual addiction, the answer is yes. By coming together we can stop the addiction from being passed from one generation to the next.

The ISO of SAA's mission statement is "The ISO serves member groups by helping them carry their message of recovery to the sex addict who still suffers". By giving to this appeal, you are enabling us to help you change lives. In order to reach the suffering addict and help our member groups carry their message of experience, strength and hope, we need financial resources. Please consider giving what you can.

A few of our projects in progress:

  • We have just received approval to put the entire SAA Green Book on our website in a read only format
  • We are working to enhance our outreach website by improving the meeting search and printing functionality
  • We are working on a 52 week meditation booklet, which should be available in the 4th quarter of 2013
  • The writing and editing of our complete 366-day meditation book continues
  • Public service announcements using audio files on social websites

As we celebrate our 4th of July weekend with family and friends consider the many sex addicts still suffering. With the support of the fellowship and grace from our Higher Power, we have been able to carry the message to many who suffer from our addiction. We ask for your financial contributions today to help us broaden our message to many, many more. Please be generous with your gifts; for many, your gift will be a gift of life. Please remember the many who gave so that you might receive our message of hope.

Please consider reading this letter to your meeting group. We ask that you consider contributing as individuals, or by passing the Seventh Tradition basket a second time at your meeting during one week in July to collect additional funds for the ISO.

Attached is a copy of this letter, as well as a donation form, which can be used to send a one-time donation or become a LifeLine Partner. Both individuals and groups can be LifeLine Partners.

The ISO of SAA, the Board of Trustees, and Staff all wish you the best with your recovery.

Sincerely yours,
Joe H.
Executive Director